Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Tier 4

The most detailed information can be found on our web page about Immigration and Covid-19

The information below is for current Queen Mary students with Tier 4 immigration permission.

If you are unable to attend classes, because you are in self-isolation, because you are unable to return to the UK or because you have chosen to leave the UK, you should immediately contact your School (your academic adviser or Student Support Officer) to inform them of your absence. You should also inform Residential Services if you live in University-owned accommodation:

If your School authorise your absence, this would not be reported to the Home Office because there are special rules in place in relation to Coronavirus. Your Tier 4 visa should not be affected in this situation.

If your School makes arrangements for you to study remotely, you should continue to engage with your studies, and this should also not count as an absence so would not be reported to the Home Office. Your Tier 4 visa should not be affected in this situation.

Check with your School if you need to make a formal claim for Extenuating Circumstances.

If you are a PhD student, please contact your Supervisor to confirm that you can continue to study remotely. You can leave the UK if your Supervisor confirms you can continue on your PhD from outside the UK. You should continue to engage with your research and maintain contact with your Supervisor whilst you are overseas. Your Tier 4 visa will not be affected in this situation.

If your School cannot authorise your absence or facilitate you studying remotely, or if you choose to take time out of your studies, you can request an Interruption of Study from your School. The application form is and guidance is available here and the deadline is 1 May 2020 for UG and PG taught students. Guidance for research students is here

The Immigration Compliance Team at Queen Mary have confirmed that they will not issue CASs for students who were due to return to the UK for resits in May/June. This is because students are no longer expected to return to the UK for their exams.

If you want to leave the UK but have are waiting for a new/replacement/corrected BRP card. You can leave the UK without a BRP card, although it is recommend that you keep evidence of your situation in case you are later questioned. When you return to your home country, you can report that the BRP card is lost.. If you later return to the UK, you will need to apply for a single entry replacement visa in order to be able to return, and then apply to replace your BRP card once you are back in the UK.

Alternatively, if you have already enrolled your biometrics, a friend who is in the UK could receive your BRP card on your behalf and send it to you overseas. If you decide to do this, you will need to leave a signed letter of authorisation to allow the card to be delivered to your friend instead of you. If your friend lives at a different address, contact us to ask UKVI to change the address for your application. 

Please check our guidance if you are unable to register with the Police, or update any relevant changes with the Police.

If you are in the UK legally, but unable to leave the UK before your visa expiry date, please see the information from UKVI. UKVI have confirmed that if you cannot leave because of travel restrictions related to COVID-19, you will not be regarded as an overstayer, or suffer any detriment in the future. But you must contact the Coronavirus Immigration Team email to ensure that your immigration record is updated.

Please keep up-to-date with the latest news from Queen Mary in relation to the Coronavirus here.

You may also want to read the helpful information about Coronavirus and your wellbeing on the MIND website. 

If you have questions about your Tier 4 conditions after reading through this information, contact Advice and Counselling.